4 Must Know Strategies to Thrive In Any Economy

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You have a choice to make. Do you want to survive this economy or do you want to thrive in this economy? That may sound like a silly question, but make no mistake it is a choice, and one that is clearly yours to make.

If you choose to be one of the thrivers, and I hope you do,  then stick with me for this next series of blogs where we will discuss the four must know strategies to thrive in any economy. We will explore the individual strategies and what steps you can take to begin to implement each one.

Strategy 1 - Accept
Who can tell me exactly when this economy is going to turn around, and exactly what that is going to look like? Precisely - no one. No matter how many economists way in, and no matter how many experts we listen to, the fact still remains that no one has any idea when this economy is going to turn around.

To become a thriver, the first strategy you need to implement is acceptance. You need to embrace the fact that the economy is not down it has shifted. No matter how hard you push, try or beg, our economy is not returning to the way it was before.

We must accept we have moved out of a push economy and into a pull economy, which means the consumer is driving the buying cycle. Globalization, economic shifts and technology, have all made it so easy for consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, and from whomever they want. So, trust and value have now become the new ROI - Return on Investment. People are buying, if they perceive value, and they will buy from you, if they trust you.

Martini+Glass.jpg The New Sales Funnel!

To convey value and build trust, means the relationship needs to come long before the sale. Making our sales funnel look more like a martini glass than an actual funnel. We must spend a lot more time investing in the top of the funnel (glass) building  relationships. We have to get to know our prospects and customers, and work to develop their trust and deliver value that is unique to them. Then we must allow them to move through the sales process at their own pace ensuring they remain in control. Your ability to build relationships, convey value and build trust directly relates to the speed to which your client moves through that sales funnel (martini glass.)
So, your first step to be a "Thriver" in this economy is to the accept reality - this economy is different. The consumer is in control of the buying cycle and trust and value are the new ROI. Many of our old sales strategies and techniques just don't work anymore, and the best way to fill your sales funnel is by investing in and building lots of quality relationships.
Now the question becomes who do I build relationships with? How can I thrive in this economy if I just spend my time building and developing relationships? How do I turn relationships into bottom line results?  Join us next week for strategy two, and you'll move one step closer to Thriving In Any Economy!

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4 Must Know Strategies to Thrive In Any Economy

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This article was published on 2010/12/08