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Solar Energy , Wind, air, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear energy and other new Energy With the promotion of low-carbon economy, the rapid entry Energy Preferred consideration is the driving force for the achievement of low-carbon economy. However, in the community, and we found out, many people just "low-carbon economy" follow suit, or even just a slogan communicators, for what is called "low-carbon economy" lack of understanding, then, here, child Yin was gathering information for your reference to the "low-carbon economy" have a better understanding.

The so-called low-carbon economy, is under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means to minimize coal Oil And other high-carbon energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection as a win-win economic development patterns. Development of low-carbon economy, on the one hand is a positive commitment to environmental responsibility, completion of national Energy Saving target requirements; the other is to adjust the economic structure, improve energy efficiency, development of new industries, build an ecological civilization. This is a rejection of the past, after pollution, after the first low-end, the first intensive development model after extensive practical way to achieve a win-win economic development and environmental protection of resources an inevitable choice. Low-carbon economy is the greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest possible mode of economic development, especially carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emissions to be effectively controlled. In the context of global warming, low-carbon economy has been more and more countries of concern.

"Low-carbon economy," first appeared in government documents in the UK Energy White Paper 2003 "Our energy future: creating a low carbon economy." As a pioneer of the first industrial revolution and the resources are not rich island, the British fully aware of the energy security and climate change, and it is from the self-sufficient energy supply to rely mainly on imports of the times, at current consumption patterns, expected 2020 80% of the UK's energy must be imported. Meanwhile, the impact of climate change is imminent.

2006, the former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern led make the "Stern Report" that the global investment GDP1% a year, to avoid future annual GDP5%? 20% loss, called for a global transformation to a low carbon economy.

2007 7 months, the U.S. Senate proposed the "Low Carbon Economy Act," low-carbon economy that the road is expected to become important strategic choice for America's future.

2007 12 3, United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Bali, Indonesia, 15, formally adopted a resolution in 2009 years ago to address climate change negotiations held in the new arrangements, developed a response to world attention climate change, "Bali road map." The "road map" for negotiations on climate change 2009 years ago, the key issues to establish a clear agenda, calls for developed countries by 2020, greenhouse gas emissions 25-40 percent. "Bali road map" to move towards a low carbon global economy has played a positive role, a landmark.

United Nations Environment Programme established in 2008, "World Environment Day" (June 5) is the theme of "change the traditional concepts, the implementation of low-carbon economy."

2008 7 , G8 summit, eight said they would seek "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," join the other signatories to reach by 2050 to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 50% the long term.

System to talk about a low carbon economy should be back to 1992's "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," and the 1997 "Kyoto Protocol."

Recent years, the scientific community and governments have basically reached a consensus that human activity caused the Earth's atmosphere of greenhouse gases (particularly carbon dioxide) the growing climate is changing. In the foreseeable future, high levels of greenhouse gases lead to global warming will adversely affect human life. Therefore, the implementation of low carbon economy is considered to avoid catastrophic climate change, to maintain an effective way of sustainable human development one. Low carbon economy low energy consumption, low emission, low pollution, based on its essence is to improve energy efficiency and create a clean energy structure, the core of technical innovation, system innovation and development concept of change. Involved in the development of low-carbon economy is a mode of production, lifestyles, values and national interests of the global revolution.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on January 15 release in Beijing "City Blue Book: China Urban Development Report (NO.2)" Blue Book says that in the global context of climate change, the development of low-carbon economy is a decision-making at all levels of by consensus. Energy saving, promoting a low carbon economy, where global warming is a critical program, is also important to practice the scientific concept of development means. In the low-carbon economy, people need to clarify some erroneous understanding. First, the carbon does not mean poverty, poverty is not a low carbon economy, low-carbon economy is the low carbon high growth targets; second, the development of low-carbon economy will not limit the introduction of energy-intensive industries and development, as long as the technological level of industry leading , to meet the needs of low-carbon economic development; third, not necessarily high cost of low-carbon economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and even help to save costs, and does not require high technology, but policy needs to overcome some obstacles; fourth , low-carbon economy is not the future needs to be done, but should start from now; Fifth, the development of low-carbon economy is related to everyone's thing, global warming, related to each country and region on earth, of every one person.

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Carbon Tips: What Is A Low-carbon Economy? - Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Low Carbon Economy - Heat

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