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The economy is at it's worst since the Great Depression. The jobless rate is the highest in many years and foreclosures continue to rise. The markets' continue to struggle to make gains, while investor confidence remains uneasy. Major car manufacturers have cut their work force tremendously, as with their dealerships throughout the U.S.

Is there an end in sight? The Feds continue to lower interest rates, and are enacting new policies to help stimulate the economy. The President along with the Feds has an arduous task in preventing an outright recession. Some economics' suggest that we are already in a recession. If we are in a recession, how long will it last?

I doubt if anyone has the answer, seeing that there are too many factors to consider. The government has given a great sum of money to the major banks to help jump-start the stimulus process. From what I can tell, that never happened to the degree the government expected. This money should have been loaned to corporations and businesses that depend on bank loans to finance their operations. But, businesses were forced to layoff and in extreme cases; close their doors for good.

Consumer confidence also plays a major roll in stimulating the economy. Industry needs to know that consumers are ready, willing, and able to purchase their products and services. Consumer confidence will surely rise when the consumer knows that there will be continuous flow of capital to make his or her purchases. So what must happen to get money into the hands of ordinary people who need it? How do we Make Money In Any Economy? The answer simply is to create multiple streams of income, outside of the conventional JOB (Just Over Broke). This means income being produced by more than one source.

With the unemployment rate hovering at about 9.5%. The unemployed and low-income earners' must take matters into their own hands. There seems to be no such thing as job security these days, so individuals must take the necessary actions to secure their financial well-being. We must learn how to make sums of money, far greater than what is needed to survive these economic times. In turn, allowing us to help stimulate the economy.

Have a Prosperous Day!

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Learn to Make Money in Any Economy

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This article was published on 2010/04/01